Vegas week summary


Just Wow.

All we have to say is that we had such a great time running the Red Team Testing Training at BlackHat, we have learned so much, and had great conversations with our trainees, that it was worth every minute of preparation, every drop of sweat spent on getting the content and materials (and the kick-ass red team bags) that we would definitely do it again.

We really hope that the deliverables met the expectations, and that the takeaway bag made it through TSA safely (mine did, and I even got a sticker!!!).

4 days, of 2 two day classes, and frankly we were exhausted - both physically and mentally. What kept us running is the phenomenal feedback from YOU guys. We hope that every one of you took away at least one new thing, opened up one new opportunity, or an area into which you would start researching deeper. We appreciate all the feedback that was provided on-location, whether formally, or informally, and are looking forward to implementing it in future classes.

Can't wait for DerbyCon - see you all there!

Ian & Chris

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