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This is just the start of our master OSINT list, but i wanted to put out the ones we talked about in class as a reference for further practice. Many links and edits will be made to this page in the future so watch close! And as always GET THE MONEY! <- find employees info <-<- find employees info <- business and personal relationship maps <- finance, market and executive info<- find business relationships and personal info <- find business relationships <- find business relationships <- Primer on Intel Gatehering with step by step <- see who is tweeting in a specific area<- Find target personal info <- good for finding addresses n locating people <- find targets alias on many social networks <- find targets alias on many social networks checks 500+ sites for username <- Personell intel/osint <- look for intel leaks, hacks, password drops <- find syntax for any corp email address <- look for their sourcecode/passwords/etc <- find network/netblock info <-search portscan and banners of target <- search github archive passwords and sensetive info <- image based search <- search mugshots with facial recognition <- remember... bing powers facebook's graph search AND has facial recognition <- global wifi network search <- Personal info/pix <- personal info like spokeo and others, make a fake facebook acct and get premium for free! <- another spokeo/zabba type site <-remote portscan and profile company

OSINT TOOLS  RECON-NG <- Osint framework FOCA <-metadata,docs,newtork discovery PUSHPIN <-social network monitoring MALTEGO/CASEFILE <- Osint framework/information mapping tool  Touchgraph NAVIGATOR<- relationship mapping<- NODE XL relationship mapping <- ThreadMill is a software framework for processing and visualizing message-board post data. <- free maltego like base <- geolocation tool for twitter/fb and others <-Software Defined Radio List of Programs.

RESOURCES <- IMO, the best collection of OSINT links on the internet! <- tons of intel based resources/reviews and blogs <- 2013 osint guide AWESOME!.... best PDF on osint i have ever read.


DDoS Testing  -> 

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